Part I

  • Write a prescription! 
    • Pretend you are a physician writing a prescription for a patient.  The patient is a 21 year old  male who had a  just root canal. He is experiencing pain which will not go away with over the counter medications. Do your research and prescribe him a medication which will help with pain as well as help him to sleep. Please use the sample prescription in the text as a guide. Place in a word document and submit. 

Part II

Answer the questions below in a brief paragraph.

1. You review a prescription and find that you cannot determine whether the medication is Trileptal (an antiseizure medication) or Tylenol 3 (a narcotic pain reliever). What would the difference mean to the patient if the wrong drug were given? What should you do in this situation?

2. If most patients do not understand Latin, why do you think physicians write the signature in Latin?