To begin your EBP project for the course, you will develop your PICO statement and practice question using the Evidence-Based Problem and Question template in this week’s resources. The template covers all three parts of this assignment:

  1. Identify one nurse sensitive indicator that you think is a problem in your workplace. Focus on everyday nursing practice issues such as, falls, pressure ulcers, unsafe work environment, pain assessment, peripheral intravenous, physical restraints, healthcare associated infections, or education.
  2. Use the four PICO categories to describe this clinical problem. For the purposes of this class it is not recommended students attempt to select the topics of staff ratios/mix or turnover, job satisfaction, nursing care hours provided per patient day, or insurance issues.
  3. Develop an answerable EBP question.

A “PICO Advice” discussion forum has been added to the Contact the Instructor section of the course to assist in development of the PICO related information. This forum is to provide students a centralized place to ask the instructor questions related to formation and revision of their PICO. All students are encouraged to review the discussion board as a way to learn from each other as PICO questions are explored and developed.



Step 1                  Ask and Search


 ASK– identify evidence-based practice (EBP) question

Write in PICO format

P –  patient population

I  –  intervention/issue

C – comparison intervention

O – outcome(s)


For example, in patients with acute myocardial infarction, does ambulation within the first 24 hours as compared to those who remain on bed rest for the first 48 hours result in increased participation in cardiac rehabilitation following discharge from the hospital?