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 A performance driven team “includes a sense of purpose, open communication, trust and mutual respect, shared leadership, effective working procedures, building on differences, flexibility and adaptability, and continuous learning” (Thomas, 2020). The health care industry is constantly changing and in order to adapt to changes there must be a team that is resourceful and efficient to rise to these changes. A performance driven team is hard working and trusts each other and relies on each other to get the job done. Work is divided and conquered by this team. Just like a hospital, a performance driven team has goals that they work to achieve, a vision to see in the future, and value a job well done. Each individual has a job to do, and each individual has an open line of communication and they trust each other. Trust is a huge characteristic because if they can’t trust each other, they will never move in a positive and forward direction. Each team member is unique and they come from different life experiences and this can help with different viewpoints and opinions of events that occur and how to tackle them. 

     Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are ways that people live their everyday life. Intrinsic motivation “refers to those activities you do because you enjoy the activity itself” (Burkus, 2020). The passion, heart and drive is motivated internally by a person. Knowing that an activity or completion of task is enough satisfaction for the person to find joy or happiness. Extrinsic motivation is “any reason we do the work other than the joy of doing the work itself” (Burkus, 2020). This type of motivation is driven by external factors such as being paid to complete a task or receiving an award or trophy. Every person in a hospital is unique, coming from a set of traditions, a certain culture and a unique upbringing. Being able to understand why a person does something can determine how a manger proceeds in motivating his/her followers. This is important in a successful team, mangers and leadership teams have to understand why people do things certain ways. Understanding intrinsic and extrinsic motivation can help them understand what keeps them motivated and how they will be motivated.