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The Christian idea of the imago Dei which is Latin for “the picture of God” – implies the intriguing etching God set upon mankind, recognizing people as a remarkable creation. What the “picture of God” unquestionably is, and what it deduces, has been exchanged words from the earliest starting point of time and is tended to various by various Christian gatherings. Albeit a few Bible sections and entries are appropriate to this exchange, the fundamental one is Genesis 1:26-27, which peruses, “At that point God stated, ‘Let us make man in our image , after our resemblance. What’s more, let them have domain over the fish of the ocean and over the winged animals of the sky and over the domesticated animals and over all the earth and over each crawling thing that creeps on the earth.’ So, God made man in his own image , in the image of God he made him; male and female he made them.”

The Christian thought of the imago Dei is essential to health care by understanding that every patient is made in the image of God. To get this, we should view each patient as an errand from God. Before every task it is essential to make supplication, a point of convergence and understanding that our hands are blessed to mind. Through instruction and research, we have gotten data to give physical thought to patients. It is noteworthy in light of the fact that God has given social insurance supplier the knowledge, data and understanding in “studying to show our self-approve” (Timothy 2:15). As health care provider we are called to be available with our preparation in offering administration to tolerant in a complete manner (spiritual, mental and the psychological).


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