Advanced  practice nursing gives nurses the opportunity to serve the patient  population in an expanded role. The professionals can use various models  of care to perform this role.  The model that is most appropriate to my  advanced nursing role is the collaborative practice model. (Norful et  al., 2019).  It entails sharing tasks with another equally qualified  medical practitioner to ensure that those patients receive quality care  that suits their diverse needs. The collaborative practice model is an  ideal strategy for optimizing the advanced practice role in a clinical  setting because it ensures that the limited resources available in the  healthcare organization are used constructively (Wei et al.,  2020).   Subsequently, it increases access to care because it ensures  that clinical tasks are shared between two qualified personnel. 

This  technique is effective because it reduces the duration that patients  have to wait before being attended to. Subsequently, it is the available  workload in the clinical setting shared between two professionals hence  reducing the chances of the professionals experiencing burn out.  Exposing healthcare professionals to burnouts is detrimental because it  increases the chances of their making errors that cause deterioration of  patients hence increasing the medical costs that they incur. Therefore,  the collaborative practice model is an effective model that ensures  positive outcomes in the treatment process (Norful et al., 2019). It is  supported by outlining the roles that each of the professionals plays in  the clinical setting and the effective communication to avoid  repetition of responsibilities.

            In  conclusion, the practice model that is essential to my advanced  practice nursing role is the collaborative model. Through model, I can  use my optimize skills and competencies by sharing tasks with another  equally qualified professional to ensure that patients receive quality  care that suits their distinctive needs. 


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