For this assignment you will continue to review current research from South’s Online Library and provide a critical evaluation on that research through an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is a brief summary and analysis of the journal article reviewed. For more information on annotated bibliographies please visit Purdue’s OWL: Purdue Online Writing Lab

A total of two annotated bibliographies are to be submitted (not to exceed one page each). The articles must come from nursing scholarly literature and may not be older than 5 years since publication. Please note that the articles must be research based and reflect a qualitative methodology (review our reading assignments). Web pages, magazines, textbooks, and other books are not acceptable.

Each annotation must address the following critical elements:

  • Explanation of the main purpose and scope of the cited work
  • Brief description of the research conducted
  • Value and significance of the work (e.g., study’s findings, scope of the research project) as a contribution to the subject under consideration
  • Possible shortcomings or bias in the work
  • Conclusions or observations reached by the author
  • Summary as to why this research lends evidence to support the potential problem identified specific to your role specialization TEACHER COMMENT  

Hi Kenya,

Your project was submitted at a 34% turnitin (TII) match.  This means that about one third of your paper is lifted or at least not properly cited.  Once I have excluded your references that does not appreciably reduce your TII match to an allowable level.  Therefore, I am assessing your work at a grade of zero and extending an offer of 48 hours for you to revise and resubmit your annotated bibliographies. Please submit by Thursday 9/3/20 by 9pm