Using the following table—search the 5 databases based on your PICOT Question—under findings note the number of relevant articles found—you may not find something in every database. Under features discuss what you liked about that database. ON the discussion board summarize your search—attach your chart for those that would like to see your search. You may not find what you are looking for in every search—and that is OK—but you must search every database to see what may be out there.

Be sure to spend some time in Library Search it is setup just like an EBSCO database and gives you the experience of learning how to navigates databases, and provides you with a larger pool of information within which to search.  

Ensure you are meeting the requested components for this discussion assignment when formatting your initial discussion posting. I expect to see a summary discussion about your experience searching for evidence: what databases were useful, how many articles did you find in each, and what were your key words utilized. The table is supplemental information. 

Contact a librarian if you are having problems with your search–they are the experts and really like helping students!