The Op-Ed must be your original work.  Develop an Op-Ed to a newspaper of your choice based on the information below.


For a country of your choice:  (Africa)

1. Select the key nutrition issues faced by the country.

2. Determine who they most affect.

3. List key risk factors.

4. Describe their link with health and economic development.

5. Discuss the impact that globalization has had on these issues.

6. Discuss what might be done to address the nutrition issues in cost-effective ways.


1. Your Op-Ed should be written as you are the expert on the subject.

2. It should be a minimum of 300 words to a maximum of 700 words.

3. Use Times Roman 12-point font.

4. Use a 1-inch margin.

5. No figures or tables.

6. Include resources. Opinions necessitate evidence and support. Whatever your statistics, numbers and data have to say about your issue, work them into the article in an interesting and compelling way. You can’t just be good with words. You need to back up your words.

7. Use professional language.

8. Submit via Turnitin

NO Plagiarism 

Textbook : Global Health 101


Author: Richard Skolnik

Publisher: Jones and Bartlett Learning

Year: 2019