Humanities Test-Out 03 – Analyzing the Humanities


Formulate, express, and support individual perspectives on diverse works and issues.

For this assessment task, you are asked to act as a critic for one of the various subjects under the umbrella of the subject Humanities. Through a series of critiques, you will be demonstrating your background knowledge on these subjects and the themes studied in the Humanities. In general, a critic evaluates a work or piece based on a common language of a subject. For example, certain terminology is used in the film industry for aesthetic, whereas other terminology is used in architecture. Aside from a common language of art, each subject usually includes a history of influence-how a work was influenced by other works and how a work influence aspects of today’s art and culture. Critics use this common body of history and aesthetic to offer critiques, or judgements on the validity of the importance of aesthetic (it’s representation of beauty).

·  Element: Identify the key elements of that piece of art and explain them, referencing other works of art.

·  Vocabulary: Uses the common vocabulary of that field of art with a detailed explanation.

·  Subject/movement: Explains what the piece is about or the movement the piece represents in detail, referencing other works of art.

·  Coverage: Piece thoroughly discussed, and insightful details provided, making reference to additional work.

Please, write 3-4 pages with sub-heading and reference page.

Due date is 6/22/21.