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Interprofessional collaboration involves the handling and care of the patients in team-based approaches. Healthcare organizations encourage nurses to form teams that provide the services to the patients (MacDonell et al., 2019). It helps improve the coordination of care and avoid situations that can affect patient outcomes. Through interprofessional collaborations tha, nurses Clinical care errors are eliminated when interprofessional collaboration is promoted in hospitals since the team-based approach allows nurses to avoid errors in their practices (MacDonell et al., 2019). For instance, they ensure that they have the skills and expertise to provide services to patients in different clinical care settings. This decision allows the nurses only to serve patients where they are qualified to do so. The working teams also allow nurses to share skills as they work together to help patients (MacDonell et al., 2019). The advancement of the skills enables them to avoid the common clinical care practice mistakes that can be constituted as errors. Hence, they advance their skills to provide higher-quality care, enhance patient safety, and eliminate clinical care errors.

Emerging and current trends are most likely to affect and change the current nature of interprofessional collaboration. An example of an existing trend is the lack of defined roles of the nursing professionals and their hierarchy in the interprofessional collaborations (Bollen et al., 2019). Many nurse leaders and managers are involved in interprofessional teamwork. The lack of healthcare organizations not defining their roles in the working groups is limiting their ability to provide better services to the patients. The trend is changing the nature of interprofessional collaboration since the environment being created is not encouraging nurses to take care of the patients in the team-based approaches (Bollen et al., 2019). This trend is most likely to increase the cases of clinical care errors affecting the patients since it will be hard to address the existing challenges in the interprofessional collaboration of nurse.


Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years.