Robert and Jenna Smith’s 2nd child has Down Syndrome. Philip is 14 years old.  He has a sibling that is older and one younger. 15-year-old sister, Lucy, and a little brother Danny who is 10 years old. As all 14-year-olds he is becoming more interested in his sexuality and expressing that with curiosity. He has been known to have some overt aggression toward his sister and some classmates in his public school.

Discuss how you could help this family cope and guide Philip to learn appropriate behavior.


 1. What stage of development is this child in?     

2. What are the potential adverse outcomes for a child who doesn’t solve the crisis in this stage of development? 

 3. Describes THREE important teaching points and provide a narrative of ONE  of these points including what the nurse should say to provide this teaching based on the developmental stage the child is in (directed at the parents OR child). 

 4.  Describes TWO interventions that the nurse can consider specific to a child with Down Syndrome and why. 

5. Identify one nursing diagnosis (and all required parts) AND identifies ONE goal written in the SMART format based on the information. 

6.  The paper is AT LEAST 500 words and no more than 600 words. 

7.  The student utilizes at least 3 scholarly articles,  lists all references in text and on the reference page.