Assignment 2.1: Food Journal

 Step 1: Track your food over the course of a minimum of 5 days either directly in the app or on paper.Keep a record of journal entry:·      Include ALL of your food – meals and snacks (I need to see the food I am not interested in just the words Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner PLEASE)·      Include ALL of your beverages – alcoholic and non-alcoholic·      Include a full weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)·      Include all of your exercise

Step 2: Take your food log and enter into the nutrition app of your choice, (ex. FitGenie) and track your food. App must categorize into carbs, fats, and protein not only calories. (if you do not have access to an app you can google each food for its components for example grams of carbs, protein and fat)

  • Include the meals and the servings sizes for each day.