DUE 10/01/2020 Opioid crisis survey

We need to gather data on the opioid crisis in Anytown. One way to collect data is by using surveys.

For this assignment:

Create a survey to assess opioid use in Anytown. You can use an online survey creator, like SurveyMonkey. The survey should be at least 2 pages. 

In a separate essay format respond to the questions and prompts below in 1000 words. 

1. Determine and explain the type of survey you used and why you believe this is the best choice for a survey? Include your rationale for the following:

2. The number of questions in the survey 

3. Describe the questions used and reasoning for the selected question content

4. Distribution and collection of the survey (How do you plan on doing this?)

5. Selection of the participants for the survey ( What is your targeted population and aggregate and why?) 

6. Assess and describe how you will ensure validity and reliability of the survey. (Provide evidence and rational) 

 Essay should be in APA 7th edition with at least three credible source