Discussion 1

Hope and Fears Icebreaker must be completed by Friday at 23:59

Instructions: Use the discussion thread to write down your greatest hopes for what you wish to learn and accomplish from this online class and then your greatest fear. Posts should be no less than 250 words.

The name of the class is Quality and Safety in the Healthcare, I attached part of the class syllabus so you can use it for the discussion (for what I want to learn and accomplish for this class)… Let me know if you have any question.

Course Description:

This course identifies health care regulation agencies and reviews recommended key quality and safety concepts within various healthcare settings with a focus on improving patient outcomes, satisfaction, and safety.

End of Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this program, the graduate will be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of liberal education into nursing practice
  2. Demonstrate interprofessional leadership and communication skills to effectively implement safe and quality care in an evolving healthcare delivery system
  3. Integrate evidence, clinical judgment, interprofessional perspectives, and client preference in planning, implement and evaluating outcomes of care
  4. Use technology to assist in effective client care in a variety of healthcare settings
  5. Explore the impact of socio-cultural, economic, legal and political factors influencing healthcare delivery and practice
  6. Use interprofessional communication and collaboration skills to deliver evidence-based, client-centered care
  7. Use evidence-based practices to guide health teaching, health counseling, screening, outreach, disease and outbreak investigation, referral, and follow-up throughout the lifespan
  8. Demonstrate the professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct
  9. Conduct comprehensive and focused physical, behavioral, psychological, spiritual, socioeconomic and environmental assessments of health and illness parameters in patients, using developmentally and culturally appropriate approaches

page1image43970752 page1image43963072 page1image43964416 page1image43964800page1image43964224 page1image43971520 page1image43959808 page1image43973248Student Learning Outcomes:page2image43725376

1. Examine quality improvement initiatives in healthcare settings that address safety outcomes of clients
2. Relate informatics in healthcare to patient safety and quality care 3. Examine evidence-based practices that improve quality and safety in healthcare

4. Examine the impact culture, gender, and age have on safe and quality healthcare
5. Analyze the role of each interdisciplinary member in providing safe and quality care