Using the same research article that was used for the assignment “Critiquing Research Part l”, use the questions below to write a critique of your research article. Answer all questions that apply to the quantitative and/or qualitative study that you selected. The paper should be in narrative form, use APA format, and include a title page and a reference page. Use your research textbook to help you answer the questions and explain/define the terms. Please save the research article that was critiqued in a .pdf and attach the article with the paper. Points will be deducted if the article is not submitted with the critique.

When doing a research critique, it is acceptable to put the reference for the article on the bottom of the title page. Do not cite the article within the body of the paper. All other resources (such as the research textbook) must be cited and referenced as usual.

Critiquing Research Part II

IV. Research Design

  • Is the research quantitative or qualitative? 
  • If quantitative is it experimental or non-experimental?
  • If it is a mixed-method design, did this approach enhance the study? 
  • Is the design appropriate to answer the questions indicated by the problem and/or hypotheses? 
  • Is the target population identified? Are eligibility criteria specified? 
  • What type of sampling plan was used? What are the key characteristics of the sample? 
  • Is the setting appropriate for the study?

V. Data Collection 

  • Is informed consent utilized? 
  • Who collected the data? 
  • How were the data collected? (survey, interview, etc.) 
  • Are the measurement instruments or tools clearly described? 
  • What statistical tests were utilized? 
  • Is reliability (consistency) and validity (accuracy and precision of measurement instruments) addressed?

VI. Interpretation, Discussion, and Clinical Application

  • Are all of the important results discussed? 
  • State author’s conclusion and recommendations. 
  • What are the author’s implications for practice? 
  • Identify 3 re-searchable questions for further study.
  • State if and when/where you would put the research findings into practice.