This is a case study that was split in 2 part, first I had to find the primary and diferencial diagnosis and now with the same data I have to work with the lab result. 


Male    20 y/o    Self employee landscaping   Marihuana ocassional user. Heterosexual choices with no regular single  partner. He loves parties and Practice Soccer regularly.   

Ricardo does not speak English so he comes to see you with his sister. She says that he has a very sore throat and feels very tired. On closer questioning, you find out that the sore throat started approximately 24 hours ago. He has pain on swallowing, and he does not have a cough. He has not taken any tablets for pain. On examination, Ricardo’s temperature is 38 degrees centigrade and he has tender enlarged anterior cervical lymph nodes on the left side. He has an enlarged red left tonsil partially covered in white exudate. The right tonsil is also red but not so enlarged. He is breathing and swallowing normally throughout the consultation. 

You do not have any access to Ricardo’s past medical history as he has just registered with your practice and he previously lived in Brazil. Ricardo’s sister says that Ricardo has not had serious medical conditions before and has never been allergic to antibiotics. 

PART 1: What are the provisional primary and differential diagnoses ( ANSWER:  primary: tonsilitis; differencial: mononucleosis, or strep throat) 

PART 2: Then you have the labs results   ( LAB IS ATTACHED)

What factors increase the possibility that the infection is bacterial in origin keeping in mind Hx and this lab results? 

 Posting should be a minimum of one short paragraph and a maximum of two paragraphs.  Word totals for each post should be in the 50-150 words range.   Include a reference, link, or citation when appropriate. APA 6th edition format for references as well as in-text citations is expected, but are not mandatory.