Case Study

Mrs. Smith is 82 years old and is diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, and congestive heart

failure. Her two children live in California, whereas she lives in North Carolina in a small family

home on 10 acres of land in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mrs. Smith has been in the hospital four

times in the last year because of congestive heart failure. As her eyesight and mobility get worse

with age, she has found it a challenge to stay on her medical plan and to do her shopping for the

right foods she knows she should be eating. Mrs. Smith’s health plan, Purple Cross of North

Carolina, assigned a nurse case manager to address her situation. Purple Cross provided a digital

scale and a remote monitoring device that record Mrs. Smith’s condition every day by uploading

her weight and transmitting the answers to a series of questions on a touch screen kiosk. The case

manager also coordinated delivery of Meals on Wheels, providing low-sodium, diabetic-compliant

dinners to Mrs. Smith on an ongoing basis. The case manager calls Mrs. Smith twice a week, taking

the time to educate her about her medications, her activities, and the disease-specific elements that

will keep her healthy and out of the hospital. When the case manager identifies that Mrs. Smith can

no longer organize her daily medications, a digital medication dispenser will be provided that will

keep her on her medication regimen. The medication dispenser will be preloaded with Mrs. Smith’s

medications and will issue a subtle doorbell tone when it is time to take her medicines. With the

combination of remote and real-time (telephonic) support persons and technologies, Mrs. Smith is

able to remain in her home and avoid further inpatient admissions.

Essay Questions

1. in 300 words elaborate on at least 5 components that are critical to Mrs. Smith staying safely in her home? 

2. in 300 words  Describe whether Mrs. Smith’s regimen might be augmented using telehealth

Applications and what measures can be taken. 

Use APA 7th format and at least 4 reference including the textbook